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Tangled up in blues

Whales that is, but not literally. Tuesday was an amazing day for whales in Monterey. There were at least a dozen blues feeding on krill just in one small area of Monterey Bay. And there were two or three times … Continue reading

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It’s Orca Season

It’s orca season! Monterey Bay Whale Watch saw ten orcas preying on a minke whale and a harbor porpoise on the 15th. Here are some orca images. The gray whale counters in Santa Barbara are starting to see lots of … Continue reading

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Tragedy at the Farallones

The water community was saddened by the tragic accident at the Farallones on Saturday, where five sailors died during a race. Two weeks ago there was a serious accident in a ’round the world’ race, farther off shore, but it … Continue reading

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Northbound gray whale migration now through May

Here come the grays! Northbound gray whales, adults without calves, are now starting to pass through our waters headed to the Bering Sea. In the lagoons calves are now starting to greet visitors too, but travel to Mexico is still … Continue reading

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Swimming with whales?

Swimming with whales? PBS ran a Nature program on whales this week, Ocean Giants, two hours long, with some interesting footage and stories. It had however, a very troubling base concept and some inexcusable behavior on the part of the … Continue reading

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What is it with harbor seals and personal space?

My first experience with public transport in Taipei started with an uncomfortable feeling. It took me a while to figure out what it was, then it dawned on me- these people had no sense of personal space, standing or walking … Continue reading

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Tomales Bay bobcat

It was a glorious day on Tomales bay yesterday, very light winds, no clouds, modest tides. I put my kayak in the water at Nick’s Cove, it was near low tide, about 8:30, then paddled across to the west side. … Continue reading

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