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California sea lions, especially juveniles, are very playful.   This image was taken in the ‘golden hour’, when the sun gets close to the horizon the quality of light improves, the harsh shadows of mid day fade, the light gets softer and warmer.   The subject of this picture was resting on the buoy off Monterey’s Cannery Row when a boat passed close enough to generate a substantial wake wave.  The  sea lions resting on  the buoy could not resist the opportunity to surf and frolic in the waves, and into the water they went.

I often see sea lions porpoising-traveling fast by leaping clear of the water in repetitive dives, like dolphins- but this was nothing more than adolescent horseplay, kids enjoying life.


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This site is meant to share the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and educate people about mankind's stewardship obligations now that we have complete control of the planet. To date we've made a mess of it, but there is still hope.
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