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Anyone who has spent a lot of time in the Midwest or East Coast can attest to how easy it is for a keen observer of nature to discern not just the season, but to know almost to the day where they are by simply looking out the window.  Other than the purgatory that is a bleak Midwestern winter, the march of time is unmistakable once the first bud of spring arrives.

Our coast’s seasons are much more muddled. Once the rains stop and the hills bake to brown we are in for five or six months of sameness.   The year’s weather drama plays out largely in the three months of December, January and February.  The drama- best storms in 2012- rain, wind and waves- were late in the season.  Here’s an image of an early April clearing storm at Davenport on the San Mateo county coast.


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This site is meant to share the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and educate people about mankind's stewardship obligations now that we have complete control of the planet. To date we've made a mess of it, but there is still hope.
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